Transient Art

Exploring Transient Art

With Aileen and Carly a small group of children within the 3-5 room have been given the opportunity to express and explore their imagination through Transient art, which is known as moveable art. The children were given paper bags to collect materials from home and through using what they had collected and loose parts from the nursery the children created pictures which enabled them to manipulate, explore, sort, experiment with patterns, shapes and design and redesign.

Aileen and Carly will be holding more sessions in the New Year. Look out for the bags to go home.


Welcome To The Rainbow Café

The children within the 3-5 room have their own cafe open for business once every month. They have spent a long time researching what they wanted it to look like and developing the skills needed to carry out the roles to enable them to work in it.

The cafe sells freshly baked scones and cakes with tea and coffee, the children provide a waitress service and are very attentive to the needs of the customers. They have a pricing policy that makes their business very competitive whilst giving them the opportunity to buy the arts and crafts they have designed and created for the home.

The Rainbow Cafe will be open for business again on 20th November from 9.00 - 10.00 am. We look forward to welcoming our friends, family and community on your next visit and thank you for supporting our early entrepreneurial project.